About Us


E PROJECT is an architectural firm specialized in commercial, multifamily and residential projects. The boutique firm offers clients a wide range of design and architectural services with personalized attention to detail.

E PROJECT is dedicated to providing innovative design solutions while respecting its clients economic, marketing and aesthetic goals.

The unique design created by E PROJECT reflects the culture and atmosphere of their locations, and at times the themes requested by our clients.



Architecture is a language. Like any language, it has rules and conventions. Embedded in that language is the possibility of great beauty and expression. This is the language we practice and share with our friends.
Solving programmatic and functional problems is one of the basic elements of architecture. We work to excel at this fundamental level, and at the same time, realize possibilities that transcend the ordinary. It is here that the language of architecture can inspire and excite.



We believe buildings should establish a balance with the natural world. It is our responsibility to design buildings that use less energy, are healthier for the users, and that take less and give back more to the landscape. Designs should be well-suited to the program, but also adaptable. Functionality and accommodation of present and future uses are important aspects of sustainability.
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